The company Global Master Group presents reptiles, singing birds and birds of prey from its own nurseries in Uzbekistan.

The company GMG was established in 2009 by the current director of the company Zair Tagayevich Sharipov. A unique team of highly qualified specialists was assembled under the guidance of the company's director.

We supply animals to Europe (the Italian Republic, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany), as well as to the United States of America. 

All animals are certified; they undergo thorough testing and veterinary control. Animals are sent by air transport (Uzbekistan Airways, Korean Air).

If you need cargo transportation services, it means the following:

  • comfortable placement of the pet in a special container;
  • the microclimate of the room in which the animal container is located meets the requirements for the transport of live cargo;
  • separate luggage compartment for transportation;

Our company is able to capture 10.000 pcs of wild tortoises - Testudo horsfieldii (W) and then grow them to the requited US and European sizes (7-19 cm) Export period lasts from March through October.

    We also maintain out own brood stock of Testudo horsfieldii (R) which allows us to 10.000 heads under professional guidance of experts. The stock is grown to follow European size standards, 6-10 cm. Export period lasts from March through November.

    List of animals that we can deliver to your country:

    Description of goods (species) in Latin
    Description of goods (species ) in Russian
    CITES Apendix
      Reptilia Рептилии  
    1. Testudo horsfieldi (R) Черепаха степная (ренчинг) II
    2. Testudo horsfieldi (W) Черепаха степная (дикая) II
    3. Teratoscincus scincus Сцинковый геккон --
    4. Echis multisquamatus Песчаная эфа --
    5. Agamidae Агамы --
    6. Ophisaurus apodus Желтопузик --
    7. Colubridae Полоза --
    8. Eryx tataricus Удавчик восточный II
    9. Vipera lebetina Гюрза --
    10. Scorpiones Скорпион --
    11. Other small lizards Другие мелкие ящерицы --
      Aves / Berds Птицы  
    1. Otus scops Сплюшка II
    2. Otus brucei Буланная совка II
    3. Athene noctua Сыч домовой II
    4. Asio otus Ушастая сова II
    5. Accipiter nisus Ястреб перепелятник II
    6. Accipiter gentiles Ястреб тетеревятник II
    7. Accipiter badius Тювик II
    8. Buteo rufinus Канюк курганник II
    9. Falco subbuteo Чеглок II
    10. Falco tununculus Пустельга II
    11. Раsseiformes Воробьиные --

    We provide the highest level of service, guided by our respect for our Clients, careful attitude towards nature and love for animals. We will be glad to cooperate with you!